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Self-identification matters

I identify as an American. My Thompson identifies as a Chicago typewriter. It’s a First Amendment matter now.

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Shooting the breeze with friends

I will post the technical review later, but for now I just want to note how much I enjoy being able to both shoot and have a conversation with my friends at the same time.

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Anybody near Nashville able to help me test autofocus of my camera?

My 5DSR is being inconsistent. I’d like to try adjusting it to individual lenses, but it seem that it doesn’t focus the same way twice, so there’s no baseline for adjustments. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I can work … Continue reading

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Making America better, one immigrant at a time

Please read this statement from my friend Jing Zheng. In my opinion, he’s a brilliant inventor, a capable engineer and a great America in all but citizenship status. He was born in China by accident, while his commitment to our country … Continue reading

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Last call on firearms training near Nashville

Today, I discovered that one of the two class links in my previous posts was malformed…maybe that’s why only a couple of people signed up for the class by Monday 13. The rifle course has three students signed up, the … Continue reading

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SHOT Show 2017 Finds: new on AllOutdoor

Useful, notable and curious guns and accessories.

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Death next door

Found deer remains on the property adjacent to mine. Not sure if it was hit by a car or taken down by coyotes, more likely the former. The 45mph road is only 10 yards away. No extra holes in the … Continue reading

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For a fee to a good home: 22TCM

A good friend has to sell a 5-inch double-stack Armscor 22TCM/9mm Luger barrel combo. At Bud’s, it runs $621 cash price, which is the lowest retail anywhere. He bought it with 500 rounds of 22TCM ammunition, of which 490 come … Continue reading

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Discount on top notch training

Carry with Confidence, Saturday 18 Basic carbine course, Sunday 19 I mentioned there classes earlier. Now, you can enroll for less: use friendsofoleg2017 discount code to save 15% off the listed prices.

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My friend Mike

Michael has a filter. He just doesn’t bother using it most of the time. He’s brilliant, so people overlook that to hear him talk more.

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New ad for Keystone Arms

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Economic ignorance or a real concern?

I see people bellyaching about Mexicans working in the US and sending cash home. When a person performs work or sells a product, they get money for it. The money is a claim on future services or goods. If that … Continue reading

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Guest post: A Lawyer’s Riff On The First Amendment

I Don’t Agree With What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It. First thing’s first, basic disclaimer, because lawyers are so used to the legal world that we just assume people are waiting … Continue reading

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Web-sized PDF of Kel-Tec print catalog

Since I am very pleased with how it turned out, I am making it available for download. You will probably see familiar faces in it.

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Tailhook pistol brace, Inland M1911A1 range report: two new on AllOutdoor

The Accurate Inland A pistol brace that actually works.

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Psychic Undercover (With The Undead): a new book by Amie Gibbons

A good read to have on a laptop or a tablet while traveling to SHOT show. 360 pages of urban fantasy entertainment with serious issues addressed at the same time. Vampires aren’t the only things that go bump in the … Continue reading

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CroMagnon Humanoid “Self-Healing” 3D Targets: new on AllOutdoor

Getting closer to realism in training.

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Looking for an illustrator

If you can do sketches or line drawings, please post a link to portfolio or email samples. Looking for a low-detail style.

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S&W .22 Victory review: TK accessories

Making a good pistol even better.

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360 VR viewer for LG phone

My phone came with a VR headset. Other than viewing spherical or panoramic images, what else is it good for? Does anyone make games or other programs that would benefit from the headset? Can it be used as a viewer … Continue reading

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