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Socialism vs Capitalism, an issue of terminology.

The interminable Internet battles over the details of politics are bound to fail when words don’t have the same meaning to all participants. Let’s go over the definitions: Capitalism: A private individual has a surplus of tools. She lets others … Continue reading

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A modesty device

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A pointed argument.

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Halloween is coming!

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Defensive weapon for the infirm.

Rimfire pistols are seldom the answer to defensive needs, but they fit one niche well. The defender in this case is an 86-year-old woman who lives alone. Her hand and arm strength are minimal, so full-weight handguns are not in … Continue reading

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1x Prism Scopes: new on CTD Blog

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Aguila SSS ammunition: new on CTD Blog

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Vintage guns with fixed sights.

This revolver was designed with 38/200 military load in mind. Shooting it with lighter 148gr loads produces a different vertical point of impact, sometimes a horizontal offset as well.

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What rifle ammunition for fat polar fox?

“Fat polar fox” is a Russian euphemism of a euphemism of a rude expression for a persistent catastrophic situation. Things get bad and stay that way. A prudent person’s preparation list includes some weapons and training with it. Let’s say … Continue reading

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New on Steinel blog: 45-70 staying power.

Why did 45-70 endure when its contemporaries went away?

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Cat in repose

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They grow up so fast

Congratulations, Grace!

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“No civilian needs…”

A common statement from the fans of government monopoly on force is: “no civilian needs such weapons”, with “such weapons” being whatever they are trying to ban. Let’s look at this statement more closely. The Secret Service staff are civilians. … Continue reading

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Recent articles

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Savage A22 rifle review: new on CheaperThanDirt

Read the review.

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Accommodating lasers with custom holsters

I’ve been using a Kahr P9 since 2001. Thin form, light weight of the pistol, and the excellent design of Alessi Talon Plus holster made it one of the most comfortable carry pistols I’ve ever tried. I obtained a laser … Continue reading

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Interesting people

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Infrared snapshots

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Chapa updates

Chapa has grown into a very people-friendly cat. He spends hours daily getting petted. Unlike Gremlin, he’s very unfond of dogs.

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Writer David Burkhead

David’s books.

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