A complete CQB solution

Kel-tec KSG 12ga shotgun with DDuplex Hexolit slugs

Kel-tec KSG 12ga shotgun with DDuplex Hexolit slugs

Kel-tec | DDupleks | Yankee Hill Machine (sights)

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6 Responses to A complete CQB solution

  1. Ironwill says:

    Now THAT’s a home defense package.

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  3. Steven says:

    I try more to imagine how great it’d be to put a few rounds down range with a new gun when I see it but even I can’t help but think this would be a great weapon for a video game.

  4. Rivrdog says:

    Now, when the Latvians make 12-ga mini-shells with that flesh-shredding slug, the wymmen will go for Coach Guns in their thousands….the price of a good (Stoeger) Coach Gun is about the same as a cheap semi-auto, and less than most of the “lady” revolvers. If a guy has to pick it up, and happens to have some full-house loads, they go in the same gun.

  5. Dave says:

    @Rivrdog: They make a .410 version that’s similar to this expanding shot-shell – the Dupo-7. Pop a few in your Judge, Prosecutor, Attorney, or whatever, and you’d be good to go…

  6. nukecat says:

    >>>KSG = Kills Serious Game?

    Да нет, KSG это Kel-Tec Shotgun…

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