Pro-production RMR30 22 Magnum carbine

The shooter is 13 year old Brookie.

First impressions: very accurate, no recoil, light. Stock needs intermediate positions (which it will on the production version). Red dot really helps quick aiming, but iron sights are pretty good and fold out of the way when used with an optic.

Keltec | Insight MRDS | Gemtech 22WMR suppressor | CCI 30gr TNT Green

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5 Responses to Pro-production RMR30 22 Magnum carbine

  1. perspicuity says:

    much envy.

    in fact, i hate you 🙂

    give to me! hee hee hee! NICE.

  2. Ed says:

    That “Brookie” is a well trained shooter… Bad guys beware.

  3. David says:

    She was a pretty good shooter yesterday!

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  5. 68CudaGuy says:

    I’m guessing here but do they plan on the production RMR-30 having sights you can co-witness with a EoTec, Aimpoint, or other optics? Some of the videos on YouTube show the RMR-30 with side rails is that a production piece or an add on? Inquiring minds want to know.. I have a PF9 that I carry just about everywhere would like a RMR-30 for a truck gun..

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