Sniper traning

McCann MIRS rail | Sniper Pro Shop training

Sniping requires good physical condition.

Instructor Denny.

Denny’s Remington 700 in .308. Leupold scope on MIRS mount.

Firing off-hand on a moving target.

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4 Responses to Sniper traning

  1. R. says:

    Those are snipers? They look like dads of tween children.. 🙂 I guess that’s the case because they probably are..

    Good condition? What are military standards for long distance runs? 3 kms over grass with 30 pounds of gear in 12 minutes? That was WWII Waffen SS standard or so I heard.

    Anyway.. gun camo is entirely appropriate here.

    Neat rifles. Saw one guy buying a nice .308 Remington 700 in a local gun shop once…

    Me.. I’d prefer say, getting a Mosin, giving it a quality new barrel, better trigger assembly and carving a stock and trying to make that comparably accurate.

    Experts: is that even possible? Or worthwhile?
    Guys providing good info will get a few liters of good lager and maybe a decently prized dinner if they ever visit Prague and give me some months to make it possible for me to be there.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      The main problem with 7.62x54R is getting quality ammunition. Finns made plenty of effective Mosin-based sniper guns.

      • R. says:

        Is handloading quality ammo, very hard? Even people with say, 120+ points of IQ, ability to be precise in measuring, decent equipment and who would be willing to spend the odd weekend to reload a thousand rounds?

        I don’t have a long gun(that’s a firearm anyway) yet, but looking at ammo prices, I think reloading makes a lot of sense. Most people I know who shoots rifles does so..
        Cheapest ammo is Barnaul steel case with boxer primer. Can that be reloaded? (I know some people don’t reload steel, but others say it’s doable)

        • Scott Johnson says:

          Precision on a shoestring is doable. I have this old thing with something between $500 and $700 invested (I can’t remember what I paid for it and the glass now).

          I handload my own and don’t go to near as much trouble as some folks. Just resize, trim, chamfer and deburr case mouth, clean primer pocket, weigh each charge and seat with a Lee collet seater. Not counting my time my reloads cost me about 30 cents each.

          I’ve recently taken up bench rest with it and at my last match shot a new personal best 5 shot group:

          What I have to work on now is that whole getting in shape like those dudes thing.

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