Ladies’ hat fashion for 1857

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6 Responses to Ladies’ hat fashion for 1857

  1. Stufisch says:

    1857??? Looks more like 1357.

  2. Turk says:

    My kind of woman…….(grin)

  3. Rivrdog says:

    Cute face. She’s expressive when she’s trying not to be.

  4. Lyle says:


  5. Sha-ul says:

    the helm looks to be color case hardened, is the maille riveted, or welded?
    what can you say about the origins of the helm? Extant piece, or good reproduction?

    A lot of folks over at really enjoy work such as this.

  6. This vintage hat is perfect for a sophisticated woman. I love this picture and I’m glad you shared it here in your blog. All the best!

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