KSG bullpup

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14 Responses to KSG bullpup

  1. Dandapani says:

    Did they fix the trigger problem in the production model?

    • Kevin Baker says:

      According to the last report I read, yes, they were going to before it hit production.

    • Leo Atrox says:

      Kel-Tec posted a video on YouTube demonstrating that the trigger issue had been resolved, as well as showcasing a few other revisions to the design.

  2. the_grey_rider says:

    I want one with a bayonet!

  3. Kevin says:

    It look to me like if she pulls the trigger she’ll have a bruise for a week.

    Is the length of pull a little to long for her or is this an artistic thing?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I don’t think she has a perfect stock placement, but note that she’s not ready to fire, either.

  4. Rivrdog says:

    Kevin ++. With that stock riding on the bicep like that, not even Rambo could stand up to that 12-ga.

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  6. Bill Cyrus says:

    It somehow reminds me of the armament in the movie Aliens.

  7. This is more of your new red-headed model.

    She looks kinda tall.

    And well put-together.

    Might we be seeing…more of her?

  8. Bill says:

    I’m confused. How is that a bullpup? All the ammuntion is in front of the trigger group.

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