Old and flabby?

A certain 37 year old woman described her appearance thus: “I have had 2 kids and my boobs sag. I have also lost the equivalent of another human when I lost 100lbs. That leaves skin that can only be fixed with a knife.”

If anyone doesn’t think that women are too hard on themselves when it comes to looks, I enter this evidence:

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24 Responses to Old and flabby?

  1. Justin Buist says:

    I sure as Hell wouldn’t complain if I came home and found my wife looking like that. Well, I might wonder why she’s laying in the creek next to our house, but I wouldn’t suggest somebody taking a knife to her skin.

  2. Beaumont says:

    THAT’s the woman quoted above? Good Lord, she doesn’t need surgery. But, possibly, a little gentle counseling.

  3. Turk says:

    I’ve been morbidly obese for almost my ENTIRE life. The world HAMMERS men for this, what it does to women is at least an order of magnitude worse. And their own sex are far harsher to them then we are. Madam, if you read this blog, please know that you are a REMARKABLY beautiful woman, and to HELL with anyone who says otherwise!!!


  4. hippie_mamabear says:

    I think there’s a severe misunderstanding in our culture about what mature breasts are supposed to look like. Mine “sagged” at 18. I was horrified at the time, but you know what? When you give birth to and nurture a child (or many children), things expand and shrink and loosen up and move downward a bit. It’s evidence of a functioning female body.

  5. I wished I looked that good when I was 37.

    But I think I look great for a woman of 55.

  6. LauraB says:

    Ah, she has no idea…like the story of the mermaid, given legs…lovely. Perfect pose and lovely.

  7. Sean says:

    I’ve seen women half her age look nowhere near as good. My wife is a young woman and she’d likely kill to look so delightfully youthful! Get out of the pond, my dear, you’ll get pruned!

  8. guy says:

    I absolutely do not understand this sort of self-deprecation, yet the women I’ve known seem just positively afflicted with it.

    Ditch the funhouse mirror and embrace your inner hottie.

  9. lkasdf says:

    Good-looking women are too hard on themselves. Your subject here’s a good example.

    But the unattractive ones tend to be just the opposite.

    It’s a lot like how lazy men think they’re they’re working too hard, and successful men think they’re not working hard enough. You’ve got cause and effect reversed: She looks good because she makes the effort. She makes the effort because she feels like she needs to.

    Self-acceptance is a disease.

  10. Dantheserene says:

    I certainly would never have connected the self-description with that photo. The woman in the photo is lovely for any age and probably a heck of a lot more interesting than the young heroin addicts who sell clothes for major designers and undies for VS.

  11. Camtec says:

    Excellent pose to disguise any perceived deficiences mentioned. Good job sir and congratulations to anyone who has lost 100 pounds.

  12. seeker_two says:

    It’s not her physical appearance that needs changing….it’s her perception of herself….

  13. Tony Lekas says:

    I see breasts with a bit of sag as hers have as indicating her to be a woman, not a girl. I prefer women. A bit of a tummy is healthy. Also, I find prominent nipples to be Very sexy.

    I don’t know if she currently has a man in her life but if so I hope he is regularly letting her know that he is very attracted to her through word and deed. She needs to trust him on that since he is the expert on the subject. 🙂

    When I see a woman I don’t know, her appearance can draw my attention and this woman would draw mine. A woman’s expression can also attract or not. Once I am in a relationship with a woman her appearance still matters to some degree but really knowing that she loves me, respects me, and finds me sexually attractive alters my perception of how she looks for the better.

  14. Sean says:

    I think that 99 percent of the hetro men in the world would be quite happy with a woman like that. She looks great. I think her hubby just needs to tell her that more often. I hope she enjoys the comments here.

  15. MD Willington says:

    My wife feels the same way, we have 3 children and she can be pretty tough on herself, I love her however she looks.

  16. North says:

    Like all of the other positive posts/replies here I will chime in with a positive: This woman allowed herself to be photographed nude – and the results proved her own statements to be wrong.

  17. Scott Johnson says:

    Women are unspeakably hard on themselves. Your photo subject especially so it seems.

    I tell my wife often that even though she has put on weight since we met way back in Feb. 1993 (I have too) I still find her just as attractive.

    Yes, we men can be quite simple at times but in truth we are just as complex as womenfolk and what turns us on can vary on a case by case basis.

  18. Rob Morse says:

    If anyone else described her that way we would call it a sad blindness.

  19. Bob R says:

    All I see is a stunning model in a beautiful setting, I know my wife gets a lot of compliments on her looks from people of all ages and sex an just loves it.
    Please relay the same to you stunning model.

  20. Blake says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments! When dealing with a “model recruitment” website, you often get asinine photographers that make comments about getting surgery done if you want to be a “real” model. I am not 18, but I do feel good about myself and hearing all that each of you have to say only makes me feel that much better about living out the “bucket list”. Thanks again!

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