New on CTD blog: the designer of Leader T2

Charles St.George and his guns, part one of three. First look at several new photos, too.

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2 Responses to New on CTD blog: the designer of Leader T2

  1. Buster Charlie says:

    Great to hear more about this man. I was sad to see the m-17s discontinued, sure it had some issues but so did the m16 before it had a series of upgrades to improve on it’s design. I have a feeling if Bushmaster had improved the m17s on it’s weak points it would have been a real money maker. Just look how much foreign bullpup rifles sell for, I can’t help but think a m17s with a few tweaks wouldn’t have sold well.

    The Triangle bolt of the T2 really intrigues me, I saw it in use on the m82 and I figure if it’s good enough for .50BMG and .223 it’ll be good for anything. I also love, from looking at the patents, how simple the T2 is. The captive bolt assembly is very clever, the su-16 uses a similar idea but the T2 looks like it is MUCH easier to disassemble than the su-16.

    Thanks for posting the link, it’s a good article and I can’t wait for Part 2 and 3!

  2. I remember those guns. Weren’t they imported into the US in tiny numbers back in the 80’s as both pistol and carbine? I remember seeing them in American Survival Guide. I’ve seen a few come up at auction but theyre pretty rare.

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