An exotic pet

Chupacabras are not common as domestic pets. They are less personable than possums or dianefeinsteins, have less regard for personal hygiene than a typical Occupy Wallstreet idler, and tend to be aggressive. However, like every normally psychopathic species (including even the TSA goons), they sometimes bond to those who feed them. The bond is very tenuous and exists through the combination of hunger and fear. As long as Seymore feeds it, the chupacabra will let him scratch it behind the ear.

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4 Responses to An exotic pet

  1. Joe Allen says:

    I have to disagree. Chupas have a much warmer personality than feinsteins and don’t smell nearly as bad – even without the anal scent glands removed.

    No one can dispute that they are much more attractive animals (have you seen the skin molts from a feinstein in heat? Gak!) but I think you’ll find that with just a little training they prove to be much more intelligent as well.

    I’ve always been vehemently opposed to the legislative persecution of certain domestic breeds – I’ve yet to personally come across a so called “pit bull” that wasn’t a friendly and obedient dog. Most likely because I don’t associate with those that abuse them and train them to be otherwise. The same with domesticated chupas. Given a decent upbringing they are perfectly safe around children, with supervision and proper sedation of course.

    Feineys however, are just not fit to be kept in society. All the training and restraint in the world wouldn’t make me turn my back on one. Dangerous, vicious beasts.

  2. Chris Lee says:

    The second picture is of Adam Baker (aka Jasper Dunlap of the Apparition Abolishers) taken during GMX 3.0. Adam is the creator/sculptor of our chupacabra, which is one of the many exhibits that are a part of Dr. Torque’s Traveling Exposition of Curious Contraptions and Fantastical Oddities, which debuted at GMX this year. Learn more at

  3. Turk says:

    I own a black tee shirt that says…”The Chupacabra made me do it”….

  4. Brooke says:

    Is this real? Because it looks like something that would rip someones face off… and it also looks kinds fake…

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