Pint-sized AR15

Jackie is 5’1″. One of the two teen-sized rifles made for me by Doublestar fit her perfectly. Although she’s shot AKM47 before, she said those were rather large and heavy. Fitting the rifle to her stature ought to make for a more enjoyable range trip.

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5 Responses to Pint-sized AR15

  1. Never been that big a fan of the Ace stock. My Daughter, who is 10 and about 4’10” can shoot my midlength as long as the M4 style stock is on the shortest detent.

  2. camtec says:

    Cute girl, good lighting, nice blur on background.

  3. Walnut is “comfortable” the Ace is “squishy”. I’ve shot with the Ace before, a good friend has one on his SBR.

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