KSG review up on CTD blog

The Controversial KSG.

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7 Responses to KSG review up on CTD blog

  1. Freiheit says:

    Will these be on sale to the general public before Christmas?

  2. Turk says:

    Anyone have an Idea when these damned things will be for sale?

  3. Duray says:

    KT’s web site says in bright red letters “The KSG will be available by year’s end 2011”, and yet this question keeps getting asked over and over.

    • That’s because after YEARS of KT over-promising and under-delivering nobody believes them when they give a release date.

      • Duray says:

        Then why ask the question? Just to have an opportunity to troll?

        • Tim D says:

          Because someone who gets sent one well before they’re released, and gets to take photographs to post on their website might have the inside track from a factory rep. You wouldn’t happen to have heard of anybody like that around here have you?

  4. Mike M. says:

    Keltec can’t keep there promises. No one can just go out and purchase one unless your a friend of God!! I have seen them selling for $1400 up too $2100. The gun brokers are slugs. Keltec continues to saying they are being sent out the door every day. They sell for $800 to $850. You’ll see them a few years from now for that price, but only “IF” the consumers tells the gun brokers to shove that $1400-$2100 up there ass. The consumer dictates the prices so plan on seeing them for that stupid price. Stop giving in guys.. And Keltec, get with it or stop saying they are available after Christmas. Ahh, it’s long after Christmas Keltec…and they are no where unless your one of the slugs ripping off the consumers..

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