Thumbs up for Henry

It’s strange that such awesome rifles come from one of the crummiest states in the country. But I am quickly becoming a fan of these.

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3 Responses to Thumbs up for Henry

  1. bigfatdave says:

    Henry’s H001 series rifles are about perfection for me.

    And they’re a great company, with good CS, good prices, and good quality. The fact that they make very pretty rifles that shoot superbly means that Henry Repeating Arms is the first place I look for anything I might need. Henry is filling up my cabinet:
    H001L (lever carbine s/l/lr)
    H001ML (mare’s leg s/l/lr)
    H002B (Survival rifle lr only)
    H001TM (.22wmr)
    And if they made more, I’d buy more. I sometimes wonder why they’re not making handguns and semiauto rifles (yes, I know I have a “handgun” and a semiauto rifle, but I’m referring to single-action revolvers or something on par with the Marlin model60 or a Ruger 10/22)

  2. tired dog says:

    Do the .22 versions run afoul of the peoples’ republic’s so-called assault rifle ban? 21 .22 short and 16 .22 lr capacity seems to be in excess of the execrable rules enacted by flim flam Florio and still in effect under the great white whale, er CONservative hope, Christie.

    • EchoVictor76 says:

      For NJ, the 15rd max capacity applies only to semi-auto firearms.
      An older model Marlin 60 would be qualified as an “assault weapon” under these rules.

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