Mischevious Molly

Minute of Angle

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7 Responses to Mischevious Molly

  1. Mozart says:

    The model is attractive but has a hint of manufacture.

    I’m still all in for … Khaki : )

    Attainable, less maintenance. Approachable, less expectation.

  2. 2yellowdogs says:

    Um, what is up with those eyebrows? I didn’t know Sharpie had ventured into the cosmetics business.

  3. Chris says:

    I think the eyebrows rock! I can remember as a young lad when women almost always penciled/inked them in/on like that. And i’m just 45.
    Good on you Molly!!


  4. Henry says:

    Love the hint of challenge in the expression.

  5. Lanius says:

    Is the sword some kind of religious symbol*, or is that just her expressing a combative nature that way?

    *personally, I would join a god-denying church whose tenents included the wholesomeness of minding one’s own business, the necessity of defiance towards unjust authority, and where the sacrament would consist of practicing with high explosives, which are one of the few ways puny humans can reach out and quickly affect the physical world.

    Why rely on God to punish someone in the next life if TNT, explosively formed penetrators or homemade mortars can make them pay in this life 😀

  6. Miss Fortune says:

    Did you happen to do any full body pics? I heard you didn’t photoshop but she does. She manages to shave off 100lbs… Just curious?

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