KSG in green

Production KSG runs 3″ shells, so its capacity is nominally 12+1. With 2.75″ shells it holds 14+1. This one has a muzzle set up for chokes, brakes, breaching stand-off devices. The light “dashes” on top of the magazine tube are witness holes for keeping track of the ammo supply.

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7 Responses to KSG in green

  1. Calm Gun says:

    Love the firearm and the clear photographs Oleg!

  2. millerized says:

    That critter may be the only thing I ever buy using my FFL. Might have to buy 2 just for the giggles.

  3. perspicuity says:

    what are the chances we’ll see green models in stores?

    black i expect… haven’t seen any non-black in a store yet for anything.

  4. Duray says:

    A lot of times colored polymer seems gimmicky to me, but this is a definite exception. This KSG looks 10 times more compelling than all black. Gorgeous.

  5. millerized says:

    One word:


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  7. Gavin Bethel says:

    Please let me know where you got your muzzle break from!

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