Another photographer at work

Last weekend, another photographer and I worked with the same model. While they were busy, I took snapshots of the shutterbug at work.

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17 Responses to Another photographer at work

  1. Alany H says:

    Dang, Oleg that is one heck of a business casual

  2. jigsaw says:

    “business casual” that’s the term I was looking for, thanks Alany

  3. Sean says:

    “Impressive. MOST Impressive” 🙂

  4. Dandapani says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go be by myself awhile….

  5. guffaw says:

    Do most women photogs work sans pants?
    If so, I’m becoming a photographer!

  6. Maeryk says:

    [jayne] I’ll be in my bunk. [/jayne]

  7. guntrust says:

    Oleg i was concerned about you, hearing about all the tornadoes. Looks like everything is OK back there 😉

  8. Jennifer says:

    whatever makes you comfortable, I suppose. Do you generally work in fishnets?

  9. WiRP says:

    I am clearly in the wrong line of work.

  10. Vader says:

    I find her lack of pants disturbing.

  11. Yev says:

    she is very pretty..

  12. OMG! The video is awesome. By the way, I see it as if you can work under any circumstance properly and “professionally”, it can make things fun and as long as surrounding persons are comfortable with it. I call that “skill” and being comfortable in your skin. Being a model/photographer, this made me closest to my element. And I am so happy that Oleg caught me at my very best, and when I am most in the zone. Plus it was hot (take it how you like). It also saved me from wasting time picking wedgies. 🙂

    • Sean says:

      you’ll never hear a word of complaint from my lips dear lady. I’d probably have to carry around cloth or hanky to wipe the occasional spot of drool off my chin though; and I do so love a lady in fishnets…;)

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