Gio with KSG

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9 Responses to Gio with KSG

  1. theirritablearchitect says:


    • Lanius says:

      Utterly devastating.

      Finally we agree on something, you flabby reactionary!

      • theirritablearchitect says:

        Not quite getting that second part…

        • Lanius says:

          You are a reactionary, and statistically speaking, your are likely to be flabby.

          ’cause you’re over thirty, and most people in what passes for ‘western’ civilization over thirty are flabby. Thus the insult.

          You’re not? Heh. Good job, and keep exercising 😉

          • Lanius says:

            Freyja help me. I misspelled ‘you are’ to ‘your’.

            This is serious business. I’m not going to eat anything for the next 24 hours at least.

            Wish I could shoot myself, but I don’t have a .22 and a 9 mm in the head is kinda dangerous.

            .22 through frontal lobes just gives you a headache. Saw the pictures, heard the story.

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  3. theirritablearchitect says:

    Reactionary, maybe.

    Flabby? Not sure I completely concur with that…5’10” and 160, dripping wet.

    • Lanius says:

      Well, it’s all about the shape. There are thin people who are kinda unfit.

      I kind of envy you there, I’m 6’4″, 180 lbs and it’s difficult being inconspicuous at that height. I should exercise more though, running with loads does tend to exhaust me pretty quickly.

  4. T.Stahl says:


    “Yes, ma’m. Mr Bond ran that way.”

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