Which do we need more often, side arms or med kits?

A shout-out for my friend Shawn and his company.

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4 Responses to Which do we need more often, side arms or med kits?

  1. Kim D Campbell says:

    Hhmmm. Very, very good point. Many (most?) of us train to be proficient with a firearm. I daresay few of us (and I must regretfully include myself in this statement) train to the same skill level for medical emergencies. Shame on us/me.

  2. Robb Allen says:

    I’m in the same boat. I realize I’m more likely to get plugged at the range / competition than I am ever in real life and that it behooves me to have an emergency kit nearby.

    I need training though. But I also need gear. I’m bookmarking this for future use.

    Thanks for pointing it out Oleg!

  3. Well, I’ve spent more hours in formal training for medical emergencies than for firearms use, I believe. What I’ve noticed is that the course has gotten less and less detailed over the years, and taught less and less about really dealing with major trauma.

    However, I don’t have time to obtain certification and keep current as a paramedic.

    Yeah, I need better med kits.

  4. Shawn Nealon says:

    use coupon code “oleg-volk” for 5% off any order at The Tactical Medic 🙂

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