Happy independence from the United Kingdom day.

Now that we’ve patted ourselves on the back for the deeds of long-gone ancestors, what are we going to do to gain independence from the imperial creatures closer to home?

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14 Responses to Happy independence from the United Kingdom day.

  1. Endif says:

    You refer to our oligarch masters, now legally able to buy entire elections and candidates thanks to the Citizens United SCOTUS decision? Clearly the solution is to get money out of politics entirely.

    • anonymous coward says:


      You’re wasting your breath here.

      There are some people who crave nothing more than to lick the boot stomping on their face forever, as long as the boot is privately owned and the corporate foot wearing it is kicking them down the privatized toll road to serfdom.

      I hope the Tea Partiers enjoy getting paid in scrip, because they’re going to need it to buy essential goods at the company store.

      And when their gun rights are “waived” in the fine print of some-document-called-a-contract (as is already happening in some places in United States), I’ll be laughing my ass off. Because when I discovered a few years ago that my friends hated freedom just as much as my enemies did, I stopped caring.

    • LarryArnold says:

      Great idea. We’ll just make all campaign contributions illegal and make sure only the government-authorized press can tell the voters anything.

      We could call it the War on Propaganda. (Like the War on Drugs, see? That’s working so well.)

      Oh, wait…

  2. Ted says:

    The sitting Government will continue to campaign hopping around on Air Force One, all the others will be grounded by FAA and won’t be able to legally spend a dime on disseminating their counterpoints.

  3. DonM says:

    Why would I want to trade one tyrant, three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?

    paraphrased from “The Patriot”

  4. DonM says:

    Rather Citizens United puts productive citizens, organized as corporations, on a footing comparable to Government beneficiaries, largely, organized as SEIU unions and devoted to feeding themselves at the expense of the citizens. Productive citizens have some small chance to keep the right to burn off leeches and singe ticks to get them to back out.

    • anonymous coward says:

      > corporations, on a footing comparable to Government beneficiaries

      Corporations are government beneficiaries.

      • Happy D says:

        Mr. Coward
        How about you learn what corporations are for yourself instead of parroting the Quisling lines?
        You could start with Wikipedia for a basic overview.
        Your leftist interpretation of law and corporations is built to deny groups of people their rights of free speech.
        But collectivists always want to deny other groups a say.

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  6. Jackson says:

    Most people apparently like the trend lines we’re riding?

    Else why is Obama even in the race? I don’t get it. The economy sucks, the things he said he was going to do he hasn’t just not done, he’s viciously repudiated them: closing Gitmo, civilian trials for detainees, ending extraordinary rendition, the Patriot Act. So the fact that he’s still competitive and that the GOP choose Romney, the most RINO-like of the candidates, says most people are happy with the way things are, more or less. The Welfare State with or without Abortion. Your choice.

    If there is no collapse I don’t see a big change, just a gradual slide down into the USA becoming a 3rd World Country, albeit a still semi-prosperous one for some segments. I’m thinking Brazil, for instance.

  7. Texred says:

    Mr. Coward, you are a subservient coward. I’m not afraid of anything privately owned, and neither should you or anyone else. However, the gov does concern me, with seeming lee endless powers that mindless bots have granted it. I’ll not lick anyone’s boots. Are you an occupier by any chance? You sure sound like one. Get a life.

  8. Roger Davies says:

    Take a look at nebraska republic dot org and pick on “WATCH VIDEO”. Let me know what you think; rd6475@hotmail.com

  9. SPQR says:

    I am never going to stop caring.

    I am going to work.

    I work hard at teaching social studies, not to prepare the kids in my community for some test, or to force them to robotically sound off names and dates, but to teach them how to think and solve problems on their own. I work hard at teaching how the political system is supposed to work so they can try to make it work for them. I work hard at teaching the 4-H kids in my county good marksmanship and gun owning habits, not so they can draw down on some blue beanie but so they can build good character and become good, responsible leaders. I instruct for Project Appleseed so I can carry the message of civic responsibility to folks in a country that needs more folks taking responsibility for themselves and their local governments.

    I will work like a bear, too, because, even if I fail, when we look around and try to figure out what happened no one is going to look at me and say that I quit, that I stopped caring, or that I gave up on something that could have been truly great. There are others like me. I know it.

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