“Cornered Cat” book by my friend Kathy Jackson.

My friend Marisa has been carrying for less than a year. She found the book helpful. I’ve been carrying for about fifteen years and I found the book very informative as well. Give it a try, you just might enjoy it as much as we have.

For those who wonder, Marisa doesn’t carry a PF9. She’s merely considering it as a backup to her primary sidearm.

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2 Responses to “Cornered Cat” book by my friend Kathy Jackson.

  1. Thanks for letting me know Kathy has a book out… I hadn’t heard! I’ve been sending women to her sight for years. Great resource. Ordered my copy today 🙂

  2. tad stratton says:

    A woman that attractive deserves a prettier pistol. Like the sig lady’s gun. It would even match her dress, red and black. Someone should give her a flower, it is engraved on the slide.



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