Sig551 with a twist

He modified the 556 to look more like the Swiss military 551, with tritium night sights and a steel top rail. The resulting rifle is a little heavier than the US 551-A1 that it resembles and it uses AR-compatible magazines.

The optic on top is an NVG-compatible Aimpoint T1.

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5 Responses to Sig551 with a twist

  1. Оооооо, моя прелесссссссссссть…
    Почём она в ваших краях?

  2. perspicuity says:

    what is the rear optic?

    looks like it might be nicer than the SIG version

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  4. tad stratton says:

    Must be high speed low drag. No hangy ony thingies to slow your swing.


  5. Pa State Cop says:

    Who did the Coating? Have a 556P I SBR’d and picked up a 551A1 Lower for it. Want to match the colors.

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