Had Brady Campaign and their ethically deficient ilk been around during WW2, they would have pushed for the disarmament of the guerrillas and other civilians…while turning a blind eye to massacres perpetrated by government troops and their pet paramilitaries.

STG44, the original “assault rifle”,  was used for evil, indifferent and good ends alike — the rifle being no more endowed with morality than an entrenching tool or a coil of rope. Every firearm and other weapon is like that. Gun control — the effort to disarm almost everyone — necessarily assumes that our guns would be used mainly for evil. A psychologist would call that projection — a very reasonable view, considering that politicians use the guns of the state to threaten and coerce innocent people daily. Giving up our arms while they retain theirs…would not be prudent.

The rifle above is a GSG STG44 in .22LR — it looks and feels just like the original, but is cheaper to feed and doesn’t heat up uncomfortably at the forend like the 7.92x33mm version did. It will be available at the end of August.

(Make-up for the photo by Tirzah Julius)

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9 Responses to Sturmgewehr

  1. I really, really like that picture and I would love to fire a StG44.

  2. Sergey says:

    Oleg, do you really think that nazi collaborator girl will make a good commercial for this product? 🙁

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Guerrilla, not collaborator. For example:

      These guys didn’t get their STG44s from willing Germans, either.

      One of the upcoming photos will show just how she got that rifle.

      • Sergey says:

        Well, the guys on the photoes have some polish insignia prooving they ARE guerrillas. While the girl has no signes of the side she is fighting for, thus it is possible to assume both sides. In case you’d place a red star on her hat or something it would make it less ambiguous.

        • Oleg Volk says:

          I will just post the rest of the photos int he sequence, that will clear things up.

        • LarryArnold says:

          In an occupied country anyone with a rifle and no insignia would be presumed an insurgent.

          I wrote a short story featuring a former member of the French partisans, and researched the subject a bit. The women, in particular, were not people you wanted to be on the wrong side of.

  3. Bob Darnell says:

    Glad to hear that the .22 LR version of these will be available soon, can’t wait to get one!

  4. MAJ Mike says:

    Might be expensive for a “plinker”, but I sure want one.

  5. Snackeater says:

    I thought the U.S. Carbine, caliber .30, M1 was the first assault rifle.

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