Dragon Day

After the newest Red Dawn ended up even less plausible than the original, independent Dragon Day is in production. Looks like a better concept and likely better executed. While the foreign invasion may be far-fetched at this point, many of the technical concepts shown could show up in future domestic fighting as well as various “local” wars such as the fun and games in the Middle East.

I contributed $10, which isn’t much but more than I spent on movies in the last three months.

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3 Responses to Dragon Day

  1. Thank you for the support, Oleg!!! As you say, the technical concepts of our film definitely are not far-fetched!!!

  2. Paul Koning says:

    I haven’t seen the Red Dawn redo — usually I avoid any redo, they are very rarely worth the trouble. But I thought the original was plausible enough, certainly for the time it was made. I enjoyed it — watched it a few months ago after reading a reference to “the only movie to mention Form 4473”.

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