ZK-22: a neat bullpup stock for 10-22

Saw many awesome new things at the bullpup shoot, but this one was by far the most fun: it’s a bullpup stock for 10-22 with just about perfect ergonomics and balance. The actual stock in the photos was 3D printed.

I got to shoot it and an integrally suppressed variant. Thanks to recoil-absorbing structure at the back of the receiver, recoil is nonexistent instead of just minimal. The whole stock is built around a very robust machined aluminum trigger bar and so the trigger is the same as the original rifle. The ambidextrous safety is very clever and I’d like to see more rifles use it.

My lucky friend won it in a raffle, so I will get to play with it more. As soon as they become commercially available, I am getting one. Shooting multiple targets rapidly is too easy with it!

Red Jacket ZK-22 | Vortex Razor

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18 Responses to ZK-22: a neat bullpup stock for 10-22

  1. Jon says:

    Great shots Oleg!!

  2. Mike says:

    Looks like an FN P-90

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Better in some ways: your support hand isn’t in the trigger guard, charging handle is better placed, safety is more intuitive.

  3. Matt Harris says:

    I am going to purchase one of these as soon as i recover from my motorcycle crash and get some income coming back in ..love the look the function and I am a huge fan of the .22lr …..love the show keep up the great work…Matt

  4. redman says:

    i have a marlin 22, do you think it would make the conversion as well as the model used on the show?

  5. Mike says:

    Make sure to let us know when it does become available.

  6. CS says:

    I ordered one of these stocks a few months ago during pre-order. Should be seeing it soon. Looks like this is going to be a very fun weapon to shoot.

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  8. Phenicks says:

    Does the extended magazine get in the way as it points to the trigger guard?

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  10. tad stratton says:

    I didn’t even notice the magazine when I fired it. The curve and position are perfect for manupulation of the rifle. It was great to be able to handle and shoot the gun. Then win the stock. I’ve wanted to order one but didn’t have the extra money in the budget. Also want to let everyone know that the RJ people are good folks.



  11. scott taylor says:

    Tad, lookin’ good brother

  12. Cymond says:

    Thanks for the great photos. The finished product isn’t released yet, so pictures are rare.

    Integrally suppressed? What was the weight/balance like with the heavier suppressed barrel? Also, the ZK-22 needs an 18.5″ barrel to stay over 26″ total length. Who makes a good integrally suppressed barrel that ‘s 18.5″?

  13. Toby says:

    Can you use factory 10 round Ruger magazines in it?

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