Plinking today

Went to the range to take photos of Chris Cheng (Top Shot season 4 winner). A couple friends came along, one of them is shown here. This was her third range trip ever. Somehow I didn’t get any photos with the suppressed Savage mk2 which was the first rifle up.

FR8 only kicks if used with full-power ammunition. We shot it with 11-grain DAG plastic training rounds. 4400fps means that 200m sight aperture gives correct elevation at 25 yards.

70*F and overcast, perfect weather and great company. Miri is an excellent shot even though her shooting positions can be unorthodox.

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5 Responses to Plinking today

  1. Tim Allen says:

    I have never heard of an FR8. Looks like a Mauser mated with a M14. Peculiar thing that.

  2. Tim Allen says:

    And a fake gas piston. 🙂

  3. roo_ster says:

    The FR8 is a sweet frankenboltie. Very handy and stout, with better than the usual sights

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