The Great Black Hunter

Gremlin and his field staff on a mouse hunt. Two foes in feldgrau fur coats fell prey to his might.

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3 Responses to The Great Black Hunter

  1. Gunship Cowboy says:

    Gremlin reminds me greatly of our Miss Beethoven, who was of the Tiffany breed. Toven, as we called her was a great hunter, even tho she was an inside cat who hunted paper wads every night. She would bring me her “kills” and then expect me to put food in her dish. Does Gremlin have multiple toes on his front paws? Look up the Tiffany breed and see if Gremlin fits.

  2. Henry says:

    Gremlin is a long haired felinus semi-domesticas spoiledus rottenus. I’m quite familar with the breed.

  3. xl_target says:

    Gremlin goes where Gremlin wants.

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