Photo gear wish list

Panasonic GH3 (or a used G2 if I am being realistic).

Olympus 60mm macro lens and 45/1.8 lenses.

Canon 70-200/2.8

In order to get money for these acquisition, I’d like to get some of my older gear sold and even dropping the prices on them. Please buy something:

Canon 300/4 IS lens now $800

Canon 200/2.8 lens $525

Panasonic LX3 camera (with 4 batteries, 8GB card) $175

Canon 420EX flash $125

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  1. Benson says:

    I got a new G3 w/kit lens the other day on B&H for $349. Has to be the bargain of the year. Can’t do without a viewfinder…that’s why I got rid of the NEX-5 that I had.

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