Studio space needed near Hermitage (East of Nashville)

(Reposting: had no replies at all when I inquired in April)

My home studio works great for product photography and portraits, but it’s too small for groups of people. The dome ceiling limits where I can place lights, and the overall length makes separating foreground lighting from the background difficult. So I am looking for studio space.

It doesn’t have to be a real studio, just a room at least 6 yards by 5 or larger, with the ceiling no less than 9ft high, preferably higher. I won’t have to apply any permanent modifications, the backdrop would be two stands with a roll of seamless paper.¬†Ideally, the walls would be either a neutral tone, white, black or gray. Does need to have electrical power outlets. It also needs to have some climate control to be usable year round. And it has to be somewhere near Hermitage. An unused commercial storefront or a warehouse would work well.

Any leads, suggestions or advice on this would be appreciated. Full time access would be preferred, but I can also deal with bringing lights and stands with me and setting up fresh every time as needed.

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