Sideguard belt holster for HK USP9 compact

One of my closest friends had a USP 9 compact that he wasn’t carrying. Turns out the holster he had were either uncomfortable or too obvious to observers.

Enter Sideguard holster and mag pouch. Problem solved. I borrowed that USP for a few days and, several time, had to check that the holster was actually in place. With a sturdy belt, the weight was that imperceptible. Concealment was also top-notch, with the gun and magazine invisible under just a tshirt.

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2 Responses to Sideguard belt holster for HK USP9 compact

  1. Paul Koning says:

    I have a Sideguard OWB holster for my Boberg. Nicely made, good service. And there aren’t many who make holsters for that gun; several outfits I contacted said either “no” or “not yet”.

  2. .45ACP+P says:

    The right holster can make anything carry well. The wrong one can make anything fit badly and uncomfortably. USP Compact is easy in the right holster.

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