Enemies of freedom in their own words.

Tennessee Firearms Association just got gun rights survey results back from the sitting politicians. In total, over 2/3 of the current state politicians are anti-gun and against greater voter control. Of those who are pro-gun, a couple are independent, the rest Republicans. All but one Democrat in the state government is anti-gun by their own admission.

(Link updated)

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6 Responses to Enemies of freedom in their own words.

  1. Bob McPeak says:

    democrats…who are anti-gun. Yep, there’s a shock…

  2. Bikerdad says:

    The link is essentially useless. Sure, it shows a bunch of red and green dots, but without linking to the QUESTIONS, it could just as easily be the responses of a bunch of Michigan autoworkers at a hot sauce tasting.

  3. BillCa says:

    @bikerdad – The first row of the embedded chart shows the question numbers and the questions are shown above the chart. If you’re not seeing that it may be a problem with your browser supporting Scribd’s embedded format.

  4. BillCa says:

    This tends to graphically show the anti-gun sentiment of the Democrats quite well.

    One thing I’d do with this data is to strip out all the pro-gun politicians and then tally up which questions they voted against (“No” response). Then rank those questions by vote to see what concepts or positions the pro-gun side finds harder to support. Those are positions that need to be minimized or downplayed when attempting to garner pro-gun legislation. For instance, Q’s 9 & 10 (Military weapons & militia call and restoring rights to non-violent offenders) are often opposed by pro-gun candidates. Adding such items in a piece of pro-gun legislation may cause them to oppose it and would be better omitted to get support for the rest of the bill’s goals.

  5. staghounds says:

    If you actually read the whole survey, some of the questions ask if the member will support some things that lots of very pro gun people wouldn’t, and some of the questions aren’t gun related at all.

    It’s interesting that most of the responders just put yes or no beside every question. I think tl/dr applies.

  6. staghounds says:

    Also the report is deceptive.

    “no response” and “no” are different things, and should be reported differently.

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