What rifle does this stock fit?

_MG_5131 _MG_5133 _MG_5134

A friend has this stock but isn’t sure what action it fits. Looks like a Mauser but isn’t a type 98.

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  1. Harris Kern says:

    Contract guns from Mauser came in many lengths to suit the various cartridges in use by the buyer. Mexican 98’s were shorter, I know as I used to convert then to 243 and 308. The full length 8mm 98 just didn’t want to feed the short cartridges, while the long actions feed 30-06 just fine.
    Or it could be for a 95 instead of a 98, and again, contract guns came to suit the buyer. And this doesn’t even count Mausers built by FN pre-war for commercial/non-government sales.

  2. Mike Costello says:

    Looks like a Richards Microfit stock. Probably for a Yugo Mauser M48 if it is too short for a K98, those actions are slightly (1/4″)shorter.

  3. AM says:

    Without being able to measure action screw hole spacing the most likely candidates are the small ring Mausers. 93, 95 or 96, in my opinion.

    The odds of that being an aftermarket stock for a more modern flat base action design are pretty slim, but not impossible. Ruger M77, Win M70, Howa 1500 (missing the relief on the left rear that is cut into your stock though) and CZ550 come to mind.

    Still, that looks like a classic sporter stock from the 1950/60 era when milsurps were cheap and plentiful and factory rifles carried a premium price tag by comparison.

  4. It might be an aftermarket stock for a M1917 or Remington M30 action.

  5. Jesse Lambert says:

    I agree with AM. Definitely some sort of small ring Mauser. Notice that the inletting for the receiver is a constant width right up to the barrel shank.

  6. Gewehr98 says:

    My vote is for a M1917 US Enfield action. Not quite a Mauser, but very close.

  7. Mark Horning says:

    I also think M1917 sporter.

  8. Bob McPeak says:

    Swedish Mauser m38?

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