Just a random girl from Texas

This charismatic wood-worker’s shop is right across from Texas Weapon Systems, and she stopped by for a few minutes. The rifle is a Polish Tantal in 5.45mm, with an Aimpoint sight, and Magpul stock, sling and magazine loop. I will be taking range photos with her in November.


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4 Responses to Just a random girl from Texas

  1. Texas is chock full of pretty women who love guns! One of the many reasons that it’s so good to live here.

  2. LarryArnold says:

    The pencil is mightier than the Tantal?

  3. JoeS says:

    I’ve often wondered if many of the random women you encounter on shoots and day to day wanderings know who are or just friendly enough to pose as this lovely lady did. Still its a gift you have to spot every day people and immortalize them so.

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