Inland M1 carbines back in production.

Inland Manufacturing is once again making M1 carbines done right: ladder sights with proper detents, round bolts, good reliability and accuracy. Had a fun shoot with them. They even fed Hornady red tip defense ammo which my own carbine won’t feed. Inland is also making M1911A1 pistols. I got to plink with one at a 1/2 size steel silhouette and 100% hits at 35 yards were pretty easy.

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9 Responses to Inland M1 carbines back in production.

  1. Y. says:

    Good photo.

    What’s the secret behind snapping a picture that includes a spent case in mid-flight?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      My camera has a slow frame rate (4fps), so I have to guess when the person would fire next. It helps if the shooter has a steady cadence.

  2. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I’m glad to hear that the M1 is again in production, but ouch – $1000 each ? That is pretty expensive. Nice little carry carbine that it is, I just don’t have the budget for that.

    • Y. says:


      Czechs regularily buy rifles for that much money, and the net medican income here is $1000 a month.

      $1000 for a new rifle is a bargain. Norinco AR-15’s and M1A’s cost that much. True one can buy cheaper secondhand and there’s milsurp, but .. still.. pretty good price.

  3. Ken Rihanek says:

    The original M1 carbine is a better choice. Look for one on the used market.

    • James says:

      I saw one of the new Inland’s at a local gunshow in Dayton, it looked great. I had to look close to see that it was a re-production! I have 3 original M1’s, yes I paid 400.00 for the original Inland over 8 years ago, the last original I bought was last year for just under 1000.00 in trade at OGCA, it looked great but was a collection of many makers. I spent another 200.00 to get it to function correctly, gas port had been screwed with.

      I’m guessing that the real price on the new Inland’s will be under 1000.00 in the 900.00 range, and with all new parts and a warranty, that is not looking too bad! The big plus is they told me they were getting sub 2″ groups at 100 yards! None of my originals will do that no matter how hard I try.

  4. Almost every original M1 Carbine we see needs some work. Many have shot out barrels and it seems like nearly all have worn out springs. Most have had a well meaning unskilled idiot refinish the wood or make some stupid modification. All of them claim to 100% correct guns grandpa brought back from World War I, yes I know they are from WW2, people bringing them in usually don’t.
    So if MKS is forging the receivers, then I would not mind having a new M1 Carbine so we can stop shooting our originals.

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  6. Paul says:

    If it’s a thousand bucks a pop, no thanks, I can get a real GI cheaper or Mini-14 or even AR.

    But for say, $600 or bit more, and it’s tight and shoots right, yea.

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