Henry Golden Boy

Accurate and reliable, this rifle really grew on me…and the same thing happened to Sarah. she loves her little lever action.

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5 Responses to Henry Golden Boy

  1. Lyle says:

    Really nice image, all around.

  2. Bert says:

    Much nicer photo than hairy old men with .17 caliber Henry’s. Just saying.

    Nice to see the Henry took a shine to you, Oleg (and your friend Sarah).

  3. Mojave Rose says:

    My husband gave me a Henry for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love it, it’s very comfortable to shoot, and a beautiful design to boot! (It looks better on Sarah than it does on me, however!)

  4. Paul Koning says:

    It sure looks like a classic Western image — could easily be used as the poster photo for a John Wayne movie. Where did you take that picture? Not Tennessee, I would guess.

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