Tropical uniform

Boberg XR45-S, a small, accurate, softly recoiling bullpup .45 pistol.

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4 Responses to Tropical uniform

  1. Sid says:

    I knew there was a pending update to AR 670-1. I actually was hoping the uniforms would return to climate relative norms. Is the floral color standard or does it change based on branch of service/career field?

  2. Mike says:

    A bullpup pistol? I think that you meant a pocket pistol.

  3. Paul Koning says:

    It’s not exactly bullpup, but the general appearance is a bit similar and the benefits (such as more barrel for a given overall size) apply as well.
    Perhaps we should just call it a “Boberg action”. While it incorporates components that have existed before, none have this combination, and the combination delivers some unique benefits. Being able to fire .45 +P without having your hands hurt is a nice thing to have.
    For those who want all the technical details, go to the Boberg website and look for the animated graphic of how the action works.

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