How much scope for 22wmr?

When I posted photos of CMR30 with a 4-16x Lucid scope, some people complained that is was too much glass. In my opinion, that depends on the size of the targets. If you are shooting varmints like prairie dogs at 150 yards, 16x helps to see the target better and to gauge the atmospheric conditions as well. A support is pretty much necessary for using 16x. If going after small rodents at 25 yards off hand or sitting, 4x and parallax adjustment down to short ranges also help.

The illuminated optic shown above is a much lighter and smaller compromise. At 3x, it gives sufficiently more detail to justify it over a red dot. Built-in BDC scale is helpful for further out, and the glass is sharp and bright. Fixed parallax becomes a limitation very close up and much further away, but the ballistic limitations of 22wmr make it a 200-225 yard round in any case. At 1.5MOA, good glass actually makes sense.

Soon, I will post results of penetration testing vs. 22LR, 9mm Luger and 357 Magnum. The conclusions may surprise you.

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2 Responses to How much scope for 22wmr?

  1. Kristophr says:

    The reason for my criticism was the inherent innaccuracy in a light carbine with a collapsing stock.

    150 yard shots are possible with a .22 mag carbine such as that, but difficult. I agree that the optic you chose to replace it is a better choice. Maybe not as photogenic … heh.

  2. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Where I live, the .22 Magnum is a ‘large small game’ cartridge. Javelina and turkey – perfect! Other then ground squirrels, not many small varmints. Larger varmints like badger and coyote (to me) are a little too tough for this .22 Magnum – others may feel different. I want to be sure of a clean kill.

    The hot humid environment does create heat mirage rather quickly and for that reason, long range shooting during the heat of the day can be challenging. Mainly inside 125 yards. So for me (larger animals – mirage), my .22 Magnums are topped with 4x fixed scope.

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