Reluctant use of force

Nobody wants to get into a gun fight, even if victory is assured. De-escalation of conflict is taught and practiced almost religiously. The number of homicides outside of drug-related gang warfare is essentially statistical noise besides the massive number of guns and gun owners in America.

Anti-gun people seldom appreciate how reluctant most gun owners are to use deadly force. The same people often do not understand why things they do deserve a forceful response. For example, one asked me if I’d shoot him just for slugging me in the face. I said that I would, which he felt was unreasonable and unfair. Asked if he would avoid such an outcome just by not attacking people, he said: “But what if I get angry!?”

That, in my humble opinion, is crazy. It’s the talk of a violent, entitled narcissist. And I see nothing wrong with the evolutionary pressures being stacked against such attitudes in the long run.

It used to be that fairy tale princess had to count on a knight or a friendly supernatural creature to ward off trouble. ┬áToday’s princess — or wench — can have a handholdable dragon that knows more tricks than just breathing fire. That’s hard on the goblins — as it should be!

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4 Responses to Reluctant use of force

  1. Paul Koning says:

    Re “what if I get angry” — that’s like the conversation quoted by Martin Fischer of Conestoga College:
    I had a liberal colleague giving me grief about guns and that gun owners are crazy, so I just put the question to her – if someone handed you a loaded gun, what would you do with it? She said “I’d look for someone to shoot”. I told her “That’s the difference between me and you – I’d be looking to be sure it was pointed toward a safe place. You’re the one that needs professional help, not me.”
    (quoted here)

  2. Paul Koning says:

    What is that dragon? I’m guessing a shotgun from the amount of muzzle blast.

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