Threaded Glock factory barrels for sale (posting for a friend)

I like silenced pistols. Since Glock doesn’t sell threaded barrels anymore, I had to find another source of sufficient quality for mounting suppressors on Glock 17. A friend started eleven with 5-inch G34 barrels and threaded them 1/2×28, standard for US sound suppressors and flash hiders. They cost $230 shipped, $12 more with a thread protector. If interested, email Hermes at

If you are still waiting for a sound suppressor, extended barrel gives about 50fps extra (or as much as going from regular to +P ammo would). It will still fit any open-end holster. If you live in a no-suppressor state, you can still gain a little velocity and a lot less flash with a flash hider from 9mm AR. Functioning wasn’t affected, other than a slight decrease in the muzzle rise.

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3 Responses to Threaded Glock factory barrels for sale (posting for a friend)

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  2. Tony Lekas says:

    I have not used a silencer on a Glock yet but I ordered one of these for my Glock 17. Were you able to use the factory sights? If not what did you use? Are there higher sights available for the Glock. I have a Advanced Armament Corp. Evolution-9 Silencer I plan to use on it.

    Yes, Yes, I used the word Silencer instead of Sound Suppressor. AAC uses that term so I’m going with it. 🙂

    • HSR47 says:

      When talking about NFA items, it’s important to understand that “Silencer” has a specific statutory definition. In other words, they are commonly called “silencers” because that is what congress decided they should be called.

      As far as tall sights go, there are multiple options available for Glock pistols. Trijicon and Ameriglo both offer suppressor-height sights with tritium inserts, and several other companies offer plain black sights of the same basic dimensions.

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