Studio space around Edina, MN?


Earlier this week, I did photo shoots in Cannon Falls, MN. The studio was provided by a friend. Unfortunately, the drive takes almost an hour, and close to hour and a half for some of my friends. I’d like to find some space for picture-taking — large enough to fit people — closer to Edina or Hopkins. If you have any leads or ideas, please chime in.

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2 Responses to Studio space around Edina, MN?

  1. Elijah Duray says:

    I work in Edina. I don’t have studio space, but I have private land to shoot on, a wife who speaks fluent Russian, and a father in law named Oleg. : ) If you want to do some shooting some time let me know.

  2. JHat says:

    What a small world; I enjoy canoeing out of Cannon Falls. Maybe you will even need a hand while passing through the Milwaukee area, sometime?

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