OATH Tango expanding ammunition: new on AllOutdoor

Making the best of 380ACP limited ballistics.

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7 Responses to OATH Tango expanding ammunition: new on AllOutdoor

  1. Graham says:

    Love to get a few cases of these!

  2. MAJMike says:

    That is some scary looking ammunition. In what other calibers is it available? Looks like great defensive load that will not over penetrate the target.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      9mm, 40SW, 357Sig, 357Mag, 45ACP.

    • David M. Gross says:

      I think the question is whether it will penetrate enough. “Scary looks” never stopped anything or anyone intent on doing harm. There are lots of “scary-looking” gimmicks. Remember the ammo with saw teeth on the edge of the hollow point? Remember the hollow point ammo with a primer seated into it to make it “exploding?”

  3. On the acquisition list this goes!

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  5. William Baker says:

    OMG the panic. These look like COP KILLERS.

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