A Long Time Until Now: book review

I just finished reading Mike’s newest book, A Long Time Until now. ┬áIt’s a typical MZW in terms of pacing: a slow first chapter followed by rapidly accelerating pace of story-telling all the way up to the last sentence. It’s not a typical time travel book, though the details of historic and future-historic living are superbly written. It’s more of a drama detailing how different societies and cultures deal with sudden disruptions, and how the challenges of heterogeneity become strengths under fire.

I would recommend getting the pre-release digital version and not waiting for the paper edition. This book kept me awake for a few nights, so why should you get any more sleep than I have!

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  1. Jonathan Choy says:

    I was particularly pleased by the characterization and interaction of the religious belief subplot. Mike is very good at writing entertaining, thinking-action science fiction. This is the first time my reaction to one of his has been joy at the beauty of an arc’s resolution.

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