A rifle for grizzly?

Since a single shot rifle with .22 Long cartridge was enough to drop a record-size grizzly, does this mean thirty rounds of  22WMR would suffice for a whole herd of dinosaurs?



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5 Responses to A rifle for grizzly?

  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Like Mr. Miagi said in the movie ‘Karate Kid’ after Daniel catches the fly with chopsticks – “Daniel San – you have beginner’s luck”.

    That person was very lucky to kill the bear.

  2. Lyle says:

    An experienced hunter, who no doubt understood anatomy, at a “few yards” distance? I don’t see it as all that shocking that she could down a large griz with one shot. You stick a 22 WMR in a dinosaur’s ear at contact distance, such that it goes right into the brain, and it’s going down. Millions of thousand pound + bovine have fallen to the shingle shot 22. Ever heard of a slaughterhouse?

  3. Lyle says:

    Yeah, so when we talk about shot placement, shot placement and shot placement, we’re not talking so much about marksmanship as we are talking about the understanding of your prey’s anatomy.

  4. Precision270 says:

    Change it to 22 WMD and you can kill as many dinosaurs as you want. Perhaps that is what really killed them, 22 WMD (nukes) leading to the anti dinosaur winter.

  5. DonM says:

    Velociraptors were about the size of Turkeys. Microraptors were about the size of smallish parrots,and only weight about 2 lbs.

    Also, dinosaurs had good senses, and a number of shots would certainly startle a predator.

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