Bank suggestions needed for a friend

“Well, we had our online store almost ready to go live in a few days and we got an email from our ecommerce host that by selling firearms and munitions that we are violating their gateway payment policy of their bank. Now we’re stuck. Any ideas? This was with Shopify. What is everyone else using?”

Any advice for my friend?

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11 Responses to Bank suggestions needed for a friend

  1. Skip says:

    I _think_ that will handle FFL-related transactions. At least, I know that a lot of folks use them for things that other processors won’t. And Shopify can use, but it appears that Shopify itself prohibits them, in addition to any restrictions by the back-end gateway.

  2. Comrade X says:

    Check these guys out, my understanding is that they are freedom friendly;

  3. Phil says:

    Bitcoin payment option via Coinbase. I recall there was specifically for such cases.

  4. danno says:

    The McMillan Merchant Solutions. They went through similar issues and ended up setting up their own solution for themselves and others.

  5. boyd k says: is what nssf and NRA suggest

  6. Paul Koning says:

    Could you please name the bank that did this so we can all boycott it?

  7. Kristophr says:

    Paul Koing:

    This could be any bank. Princess Obama has added firearms businesses to Operation Chokepoint.

    I’m sure a bunch of banks will opt out to avoid fed harrassment.

    • Paul Koning says:

      I know, but not all banks have rolled over for that illegal action, and I don’t want to give my business to banks that support totalitarianism.

  8. De Opresso Liber says:

    I second and third the McMillan suggestion.

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