Gun store near me looking for another employee.

This is from the place where I do most of my transfers and other shopping. Nice people.

Full-time retail sales associate needed for Gun Shop & Shows. The store is The Gun Crew in Old Hickory, TN, a suburb of Nashville). Compensation based on experience & knowledge. Previous retail gun shop experience is not required..

Seeking a driven, hard-working Sales associate who enjoys a fast-paced work environment.

*35-40 Hours/week
*REQUIRED: Safe gun handling knowledge. NON-NEGOTIABLE.
*Will work at a brick & mortar location during the week with an emphasis on Sales.
*MUST be able to travel out of town on weekends, in-state, for gun shows. (NO EXCEPTIONS.)
*Must be computer literate with the ability to post pictures, post descriptions & various other internet tasks, with high accuracy.
*Must be HONEST, hard-working, & good with people.
*REQUIRED: Safe gun handling knowledge. NON-NEGOTIABLE.
*Extra consideration given to those with a TN handgun carry permit.

Interested applicants please email Reese Ervin ( with RESUME.

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2 Responses to Gun store near me looking for another employee.

  1. alanstorm says:

    *REQUIRED: Safe gun handling knowledge. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    I like how they posted this twice – or was that you?

  2. HSR47 says:

    I like how they don’t list any details on compensation.

    That’s the kind of nonsense businesses really need to stop doing; When you’re hiring for a position, you should know what range of remuneration you can afford to offer, and you should come out and say it. Being opaque about the remuneration range of a job opening wastes everyone’s time.

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