The legend

The reality

The pistol was a gift from a friend. Thanks to the recent arrival of 7.62×25 gun food, live fire review is coming.

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7 Responses to cz52

  1. JHat says:

    I just had to get one to see the roller system first hand. I sure am glad Prvi loads 7.62×25.

    For the true CZ 52 fan:–very-nice-cz-52-and-armorers-kit-

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  3. Sean says:

    She makes that look way better than I do. I think I will pull mine out of the safe ones of these days. I just found a box of ammo I didn’t remember I had sitting on the shelf. They aren’t the most comfortable thing to shoot, and the sights suck, but they are fun. That huge BOOM and that big fireball are fun.

  4. Jim R says:

    This young lady is one of my favorite of your models. What a steely-eyed gaze!

  5. revjen45 says:

    Cabela’s here (Snohomish County WA) has 7.62×25 JHP in stock. Seems like a load that would be effective for SD.

  6. Tad stratton says:

    Got one in line to customize. Sam laughed when I brought mine in. He has customized several in the past.

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