“Бог троицу любит”

“God loves the Trinity (in the “three of something” sense) — a Russian proverb.

Panzerkampfwagen Drei

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3 Responses to “Бог троицу любит”

  1. Gary Blow says:

    Trinity is what they called captured Pz-3’s redesignated as the T-III.

  2. Ancient Woodsman says:

    Something’s not right with that. It’s hard to tell form the angle, but the road wheels are too big and too few and the track type is incorrect for a Panzer III. Some of the armor angles are off, too. It looks like a replica built on an M18, M24, or maybe an M41 or M42 chassis. Any way to confirm who built that and on what chassis?

  3. Pa State Cop says:

    Vismod based on a Brit FV432 Chassis. A lot of the Vehicles you saw on Band of Brothers were 435 modded to look like Sturmgeschutz. The Jagdpanther was based on a T55 chassis I’m guessing.

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