Please recommend a subcompact camera

I am looking for a camera small enough to live in a shirt pocket. Protected viewfinder would be helpful but not mandatory, close focus is mandatory. Would be ok with prime, non-zoom lens. The purpose is to provide a more stable recording device than the camera in the phone. I looked at Sony TX30 but the number of negative reviews about durability has me questioning it. Water proofing would be a plus but not required. Ideally, the lens would be no slower than f2.8. I would prefer physical controls to touch screen to be able to use it with gloves on.

Update: thinking about EOS M10 with 22mm/f2 lens or RX100mk3. Not sure 22mm lens has close enough focus. Macro is important. Not sure RX100 interface will be fast or clear enough. Would really prefer something much smaller, but durability and speed of operation reports about the pocket cameras aren’t encouraging.

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  1. Frogdaddy says:

    I’ve got a Sony CyberShot DSC-W120. Amazon has some for $40. I love it, fits in my pocket nicely. Carl Seiss lense. 7.2 Megapixels.

  2. Tim Covington says:

    I’m not sure of your budget, but have you looked at the Somy MX100 III. It has a 24-70mm f1.8 lens.

  3. willis says:

    The rx 100 green 1-4 are all high recommend I would say get one with an evf

  4. danno says:

    Each member of the SandCastle Crew have a Sony DSC-830. Passes the shirt pocket test. 20MP, 8x optical zoom. Not sure of street prices today… I think it was ~$120 when the SCSon got the first one 2.5 yrs ago, I got mine most recently I think it was $60 at Frys (on sale).


  5. Ray says:

    I have a Cannon ELF . About the size of a pack of filter less cigarettes it takes good photos.

    • Pete Zaitcev says:

      Bother ELF and ELPF are a little too heavy for shirt pocket, I think. Their best attribute is that they will take a picture when asked. I had too many of these miniature cameras that had their own ideas, especially when taking pictures in quick succession or insufficient light. Macro is present and works very well. However, I am only comfortable with it in a flannel shirt or a vest. A dress shirt with ELF will not work.

  6. DJ says:

    I’ve been using a Canon SD100 for many years, precisely because it fits a shirt pocket. When it’s turned off, it’s flat on all sides except the shutter button on the top, and it’s the size of a deck of cards. Given a 2.5X zoom, the lens is nicely distortion-free. The image quality is, to this amateur, most excellent. The macro mode WORKS, and really close close-ups are easy. Get an OEM spare battery, and you’re set for a long time, as I have never seen the low battery indicator come on. It just keeps on taking photos.

    See it here.

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