Don’t judge!

I don’t judge people for having one or more imaginary friends different from mine. I don’t judge them for eating or drinking something I wouldn’t touch. When they listen to strange music, watch TV shows or wear goofy outfits, I don’t judge. Same for having intimacy with one sex or the other or with an abstract idea instead. People can do pretty much anything that doesn’t harm me or mine — it’s not my privilege to¬†judge them.

People who try to rob or rape me or mine get judged. People who advocate robbing or raping me or mine get judged. So do those who try to do it through proxies. With judgment comes the sentencing.

Those who are all talk, get sentenced to living their lives without my company. Those who would actively trespass against me or mine, might get a chance to reincarnate as something better. For in-between actions, my responses vary — sometimes, it is not expedient or practical to apply the penalty merited for a specific evil, but the record of the judgment is kept for the future.

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  1. Gary Blow says:

    No such thing as Islamophobia.
    Just beheadaphobia.

    9 of 16 Islamic countries carry out the death penalty for apostasy. Fuck Islam.

    • Lyle says:

      “Phobia” describes an irrational fear. We need a different word, which denotes a rational concern but does not indicate, suggest or insinuate fear.

      I don’t fear the Islamists, but I recognize them as an enemy which must be defeated both physically and ideologically. If I could I’d pity them. First they need to be killed and then their fake, pathological religion must be analyzed, ridiculed and discredited for all time.

      Look at me as I’m talking to you;
      I don’t see a role for fear to play in any of this. Get it?

      SO PLEASE STOP WITH THE FEAR TALK. There has been altogether too much of that already. Thank you.

    • Lyle says:

      How about “Islamorecognition”?

      CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, invented the term “Islamophobia” to portray those as defective who see Islam for what it is. It was a ploy. A lie, but then Muslims are encouraged to lie to “infidels”. It’s part of the teachings of Islam to lie to, cheat and steal from Infidels. Any good and proper Muslim does it.

      They wish to stand before you, like dark angels with flaming swords, saying; “Thou shalt NOT be aware!”

      So if you see them for what they are, they call you “phobic”.

      Bullshit. You’re not phobic; you simply see them for what they are, sad followers of a pathological ideology which has kept them in the Dark Ages while the rest of the world has long passed them by. Now they’re pissed. And jealous.

      If you see all of that, you posses Islamorecognition, or simply, discernment.

      The phobia we are intended to be infected with is the fear of openly describing what we can see right in front of our faces. If there is any such thing as “Islamophobia” then, it is the fear of speaking the truth about Islam. That is a true phobia, and it is all too common. It’s an epidemic. Don’t succumb to it.

  2. Lyle says:

    There’s that old saying “Judge not lest thou be judged” which I think would be better as “Just not lest you be judged in the same manner.”

    I choose to see it as simply “don’t judge”. I don’t have to judge an enemy. I may have to kill the dumb fucker, but I don’t have the capacity to judge him.

    There another old saying, which I’ll state as “Love. Don’t hate your enemy.”

    Likewise, I may have to kill some dumb fucker, or a whole lot of dumb fucking socialists or jihadists, but I don’t have to hate them. I might even look forward to killing them, and I might even relish it, but in no way should I hate them.

    That’s the game you know; they want you to hate them. That’s the whole point, because that’s when you lose.

    • Brett says:

      Long time follower, first time poster.

      Lyle, I just want to say that I think you hit the nail dead square on the hammer…and there’s a LOT of Americans, as well as others in the world, that need to not only hear those words but truly grasp them at the core.

      This man gets it.

  3. BillCa says:

    Being a peaceable soul I never want to kill another human being. This doesn’t mean that I will not do so under any circumstances. It just means there must be a good and sufficient reason for doing so.

    Like Oleg said, I won’t judge people for their beliefs or funny clothes or odd music. Only when their practices and actions harm me or harm others is some action required. For me that action should be in proportion to the damage done to individuals, groups or societies. Grope my wife or daughter because your sky god says she’s too immodest and you’ll wish your deity demanded you knit her a burka instead. Injure her and your 72 virgins will use you as a jigsaw puzzle.

    It is not a “phobia” to fear that which is a real threat to you or your civilization. There is no “asteroidophobia” because we KNOW an asteroid could wipe out an entire country – or even all life on earth. Just as we know from history that Islam is as dangerous in man as hydrophobia is in a dog. Islam is a cult of death and destruction. Are there Muslims who can separate the good from the evil in their doctrines and thus live peaceably among other religions? Absolutely, just as there are Christians who support same sex marriage or abortion.

    If you doubt Islam is a culture of death and destruction, watch the video below (Why are we afraid, a 1400 year secret) about the history of Islam. Among other things, you’ll learn why most of Egypt and North Africa turned from being the bread basket of the Mediterranean into deserts.

  4. MAJMike says:

    Phobia, as mentioned by others, relates to an irrational fear. My concern for Islamic violence is hardly irrational given an examination of history. Amish, Lutherans, and Methodists are not known for manufacturing pipe bombs and shooting up holiday gatherings. Therefore, I tend to interact with those groups with confidence. I remain suspicious of Moslems due to their corporate sympathy towards Sharia Law, their co-religionists’ treatment of gays, women, and all those who choose not to submit to their religion.

    Guess they’ll have to better assimilate to this country before I’ll begin to be more welcoming.

  5. RabidAlien says:


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