Why won’t Photoshop update or Creative Cloud run?

I have CC2014 on my laptop running Windows 7 and a subscription to Photoshop CC. Trying to either get updates or to run Creative Cloud app produces no result at all. Neither launches, and no error messages come up. Any suggestions on getting my laptop up to date with Photoshop CC?



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4 Responses to Why won’t Photoshop update or Creative Cloud run?

  1. Janir says:

    Check with Adobe support if they know of an issue. They most likely can get you going again. Since you have a subscription they should help you. Otherwise it’s uninstall , then reinstall the apps.

  2. Stu says:

    What operating system are you running?

  3. Josh says:

    Do the following:
    * Attempt to run CC and note the time.
    * Open Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application
    * Comb through the events and look for anything related to Adobe CC
    * Google the codes/errors that you find in the events

  4. Paul Koning says:

    Recent versions of the Adobe products need Java. I learned about this when mine started to be really flaky on the current revs of Mac OS. Not quite flaky enough to be unusable, but definitely annoying.
    So you may want to check Java versions.

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