3.5lb AR15 is coming: new on AllOutdoor

Fostech’s 3.5-pound AR-15

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8 Responses to 3.5lb AR15 is coming: new on AllOutdoor

  1. atp says:

    When will this be available? Nothing about it on http://fostechoutdoors.com yet.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Out by September. They have everything but the uppers now. I played with that rifle, it’s incredible. I am getting one very similar built now, but mine is a side-charger and so about 3oz heavier.

  2. int19h says:

    I wonder how much lighter they could make it by making the receiver polymer. EXP-556 is 3 lbs, though it has a much shorter 7.5″ barrel and no stock.

  3. Lyle says:


    The Bushmaster Carbon 15 came out at around four pounds IIRC.

  4. atp says:

    Oleg, your side-charger sounds interesting, please give us more details when you can.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Pencil thin barrel with forward venting comp, Brigand Arms carbon fiber weave forend, Axe mini pistol grip, probably a minimalist MFT tele stock, 1x prismatic scope, green laser as backup.

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