ATF Rule 41F cometh

In one week, new ATF rules (or whims) governing NFA trusts go into effect. I would like to recommend Matthew Bergstrom of Arsenal Attorneys for doing trust re-statements. That way, you will not risk a paperwork violation and be able to continue adding new items to the trust. He did a great job on mine. I know Matthew through joint effort on behalf of Friends of the NRA, so he’s not in it just for the money.

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5 Responses to ATF Rule 41F cometh

  1. jaeger0416 says:

    What exactly constitutes a trust re-statement? I am the only trustee on my trust; does this apply only to NFA property-owners who share their trust with co-trustees?

    Thanks in advance for any insights, and the effort and information you’ve shared.

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  3. Nate says:

    My wife is on mine, but I was under the impression the current items on it are fine for the 2 of us to use. It is just if I need to add new items, both of us will need to go through the background check process instead of just me. Have you heard otherwise?

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